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Thanh Tuyen Dentistry

(Dental / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Thanh Tuyen Dentistry

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Profile information (part-time and full-time):


Dental Wait Time Local Stay Cost
Composite Fillings 1-2 Day(s) 2-4 Day(s) 15-20/tooth USD
Ceramic Caps 1-2 Day(s) 1-2 Week(s) 100-200/tooth USD
Dentures 1-2 Day(s) 10-14 Day(s) 20-30/tooth USD

Note: 1 day = 1 day or less

English contact information:


This is a small, family operated clinic. The main dentist, Tuyen, is a skillful professional with over two decades of experience. Her work is thorough and thoughtful. This website's author has used this clinic for the past few years to have extensive dental work done, and I'm VERY pleased with Tuyen's work.

The clinic is located in a neighborhood away from the city center. It is located near the main route to the airport, and near a large Western style hotel (Omni Saigon Hotel).

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